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County Opens Louden Trail


WILTON-Matthew Veitch, Supervisor of Saratoga Springs, and chairman of the County Trails Committee, along with Chairman of the Board of Supervisors Art Johnson, today officially opened the County’s first nature trail with a ribbon cutting ceremony.

“I have been a strong advocate for trails in the City of Saratoga Springs, and I am proud to have worked with my fellow committee members on this important initiative for 2009.  It has been a team effort of several people planning and constructing this trail that will improve the quality of life for all County residents.”

“We were able to get this project completed without spending any additional funds from the County surplus, this was all done within our 2009 budget,” Johnson said.

The Louden Trail is a 1.3 mile nature trail that is completely contained in one of Saratoga County’s Forest land parcels.  The County has owned several forested parcels for over 80 years, and one of this year’s initiatives was to convert several of the parcels into public trails.  The Louden Trail is bordered by the Wilton Mall to the West, DEC Forestry Parcel 45 to the North, Louden Road to the South, and a proposed subdivision to the East.  Wilton Mall donated several parking spaces between the Bon-Ton Store and BJ’s Wholesale Club, near the trailhead.  In addition, there is additional parking off Louden Road, where there is an additional entrance to the trail.  The trails are designed for walking, biking, horses, and other non-motorized use.  The County’s Department of Public Works cleared the trail and erected the signage; the County’s Planning department, mapped the trail route, and designed the trailhead maps, and other signage.   Several of the Committee members, County Planning Personnel, as well as members of Saratoga P.L.A.N. and the Sustainable Saratoga were in attendance at the event.

The trails committee is an ad-hoc County committee created this year to study trail development on County owned forest land and to also look at the Green Infrastructure Plan and see how Saratoga County can begin funding its many trail programs.  The other members of the Trails Committee are Shawn Connelly-Stillwater; Arthur Wright-Hadley; Mindy Wormuth-Halfmoon; Tom Richardson-Mechanicville; Devin Dal Pos-Saratoga Southwest Neighborhood Association; Larry Gordon-Town of Wilton Town Board.